Conservatory arrests

The arrest of ships is a redundant risk that needs to be carefully managed by vessels’ owners, charterers, and P&I clubs. This measure is employed in both cases of an already proven prejudice or a potential one. Indeed claimants often proceed this way in order to safeguard their interests on an eventual loss that may be sustained by them.

Time being money in the shipping industry, a prompt action is essential to the soonest release of the arrested or threatened vessel. Being trusted by the cargo underwriters and receivers and by the public offices as well, our office can efficiently and urgently handle these issues by issuing an interim security on behalf of the P&I club.

Hull & Machinery

Events that cause damage to/by the vessel can be encountered at any time and generally require an urgent intervention to investigating its origin and extent.

In cases of collision or grounding of a vessel we can manage to assist owners/charterers and their underwriters, by appointing experienced and competent former Chief Engineers and former Master Mariners, who can provide the relevant expertise.

Also we ensure that a proper and proactive monitoring to be accomplished allowing the provision of a well evidenced file tending to protect our clients’ interests.

Other services for assisting vessels

Since we cannot provide an exhaustive list of all assistance services that we can provide, hereafter is a shortlist of different types of matters that we have been handling in the recent past:

  • Custom’s fines resolution
  • Pollution matters
  • Bunker and On/Off hire surveys
  • Repairs follow-up
  • Holds inspections
  • etc…

Need a competent surveyor to be appointed

Please contact us, we will be happy to assist you with any questions.