ACAT (Aster Consulting & Assistance Tunisia) is a P&I Correspondent located in Tunisia, headquartered in Tunis and acting in all the Tunisian ports.

Mr.Fethi MerzougACAT P&I Correspondent started its activity in 2011. The office is the result of a close and longstanding cooperation between ETIC SAS ( and Mr.Fethi Merzoug.

ETIC is headquartered in Marseille and acting as a P&I Correspondent in France and abroad in North Africa, in West Africa, and in Indian Ocean ports through its AFRICA P&I network.

Previous to this collaboration, Mr. Merzoug had been working as a club correspondent within another company. For the last thirty years, as a general manager of the P&I section and correspondent of a major IG club, he was able to build up the necessary practical expertise and establish the essential strong connections with the main actors in the Maritime and Insurance industry in Tunisia.

Furthermore he has remained frequently involved in the academic environment as an occasional lecturer or permanent teacher within Tunisian universities, teaching Maritime Law and Insurance to master degree programs.

Our Company is a branch of ETIC Africa P&I Services

P&I Services in Tunisia

Our team and values

A skilled team and a responsive action

In order to meet sea carriers and their P&I clubs expectations, we have enlarged our office teamwork to cover the requisite competences: legal, technical and administrative.

In addition to our own in house resources and to our partners support ETIC, we have established very close collaboration relationships with professional marine surveyors in all Tunisian ports, made up of former Master Mariners and Chief Engineers, and with experienced specialized law firms.

This combination of resources allows us to respond urgently and efficiently to any assistance that may be required by our clients.

Transparency and devotion

Being aware of the permanent challenge the sea carriers are facing when dealing with a different and a specific local environment at each port of call, at ACAT we have committed ourselves to fulfil our main duty as a P&I Correspondent which is to be our principals’ “eyes and ears” in Tunisia.

Our office acts exclusively on behalf of vessels’ interests, and provides its services only for owners or charterers, avoiding any risk of conflict of interests.

Our aim is to establish a sustainable relation with our principals who can count on our ethical behaviour and total transparency when handling matters on their behalf. We strongly believe in the mutual benefit of such an approach in order to create a real moral partnership rather than just an occasional commercial relationship.

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